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  2. New game mod is coming on Post Scriptum : Mod : 12 tank vs 12 tanks crew : 3 by tank players : 64 slots Release date : 8 march
  3. noobiedo

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    1. labob


      hello noob how you doing looks like you got in finnally :) 

    2. noobiedo


      yes i did, i see what you meant by the site not being used much anymore, that sucks! i hope you are okay, i haven't heard much from you on the xi site.

  4. Devs announce there won't be any update until full release. Mu3 and Mu4 are dead .... i guess for them, the game will be perfect at the release date ... i have doubts ! 🙄 source
  5. US Airborne Release + Free Weekend (- source - ) This weekend we are pleased to announce the release of the first part of our US Airborne update to the public which includes Velmolen & the 82nd Airborne Faction along with a wealth of new weapons & equipment! In addition to this, in honor of the StackUp event, we will be hosting lFree Weekend for all Steam players. During this event you will be able to download and play Post Scriptum for free as well as a -25% Off Discount sale on Post Scriptum! STARTS FRIDAY, NOV 9 @ 7PM CEST / 6PM GMT / 1PM EDT ENDS MONDAY, NOV 12 @ 7PM CEST / 6PM GMT / 1PM EDT StackUp Event We're proud to announce we'll be partnering with Stack-Up.org again to bring you a day of FPS action! Featuring Squad, Post Scriptum, and Onward, this Veteran's Day, Sunday, November 11, from 1 PM - 11 PM Eastern Time is our chance to give back to the veterans that dedicated their lives to service. Join us or Donate now! https://tiltify.com/+squad-up-4-stack-up/squad-up-for-stack-up-2018 We will be hosting a Post Scriptum Segment during the stream on Sunday, Nov 11th @ 10PM CEST / 9PM GMT / 4PM EDT ~ Periscope Games
  6. Cyruz

    CTF fix released

    Bulkhead released a serverside fix for the broken CTF gametype Yesterday 😊
  7. All_weapons_mod.rar <------ Download Made a little all weaponsmod For Battalion 1944 2.0 Feel free to download and use
  8. Bolt_rifle_only.rar <---- Download Made a little Bolt action rifle mod For Battalion 1944 2.0 Feel free to download and use
  9. Soldat Ryan

    Post Scriptum afternoon

    If you are playing Post Scriptum Game, feel free to join us this afternoon on server [FR-NGBC]NotGoodBuCrazy. Everybody is welcome. We are starting around 15h30/16h00 CET.
  10. Cyruz

    Invitation to play our map mp_ngbc


    this will be fun
  11. Soldat Ryan

    Invitation to play our map mp_ngbc

    Details here 😉 :
  12. Soldat Ryan

    Release of Post Scriptum

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