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  3. Devs announce there won't be any update until full release. Mu3 and Mu4 are dead .... i guess for them, the game will be perfect at the release date ... i have doubts ! 🙄 source
  4. US Airborne Release + Free Weekend (- source - ) This weekend we are pleased to announce the release of the first part of our US Airborne update to the public which includes Velmolen & the 82nd Airborne Faction along with a wealth of new weapons & equipment! In addition to this, in honor of the StackUp event, we will be hosting lFree Weekend for all Steam players. During this event you will be able to download and play Post Scriptum for free as well as a -25% Off Discount sale on Post Scriptum! STARTS FRIDAY, NOV 9 @ 7PM CEST / 6PM GMT / 1PM EDT ENDS MONDAY, NOV 12 @ 7PM CEST / 6PM GMT / 1PM EDT StackUp Event We're proud to announce we'll be partnering with Stack-Up.org again to bring you a day of FPS action! Featuring Squad, Post Scriptum, and Onward, this Veteran's Day, Sunday, November 11, from 1 PM - 11 PM Eastern Time is our chance to give back to the veterans that dedicated their lives to service. Join us or Donate now! https://tiltify.com/+squad-up-4-stack-up/squad-up-for-stack-up-2018 We will be hosting a Post Scriptum Segment during the stream on Sunday, Nov 11th @ 10PM CEST / 9PM GMT / 4PM EDT ~ Periscope Games
  5. Cyruz

    CTF fix released

    Bulkhead released a serverside fix for the broken CTF gametype Yesterday 😊
  6. All_weapons_mod.rar <------ Download Made a little all weaponsmod For Battalion 1944 2.0 Feel free to download and use
  7. Bolt_rifle_only.rar <---- Download Made a little Bolt action rifle mod For Battalion 1944 2.0 Feel free to download and use
  8. Dundy

    Post Scriptum : Live Twitch with Devs

    The map looks amazing and full of detail. Thanks for sharing !! But the map doesn't come close to the real Arnhem. Not sure where they got there info from but it isn,t the way it looked in 1944 Here a link with how it should have been mind you it's only the part around the bridge... This isn't a flame just my opinion..
  9. 3 days ago, devs made a live twitch aboutthe last update and introduced their new map : Arnhem (still WIP) The sound is loud at the start but it become better. Direct link : https://www.twitch.tv/videos/312872458?t=00h18m30s
  10. Soldat Ryan

    Post Scriptum : changelog

    Update v1.0.91 - Changelog - ( - source - ) Hello everyone, Since our livestream Friday, some of our community members on Discord were testing Arnhem for the very first time and we have to say, the map was extremely well received. A few collision issues here and there as well as some game design tweaking is needed in order to make this new map live on the public branch, but this is very promising. A new patch is coming your way today! And this time, it is all about optimization with some heavy shader tweaking and love for the logistic section! Here are some of the main changes to expect in this update. The full changelog will be at the end of this announcement. A long awaited feature was to see how many supplies you have left in your construction truck, as you can see on the image below. Top right corner is a number above the CT icon. And on the interaction menu, you can now drop supplies. Each "Supply Crate" contains a maximum of 500 points per drop that will instantly be removed from the truck, however, if you decide to drop more, they will add to each other. Those supplies can be used in a 70m radius and be dropped anywhere on the map. Another big change we have made to the logistic section is that from now on, even the section members can build emplaced weapons and building fortifications (except FOBs, which only the Section Leader can build). We believe that this will make the logi boys way more effective and less dependent on Section Leader, it will also give SL a bit more breathing room to coordinate with Commander. Complete changelog: -Gameplay: Supply crates can be built from construction trucks -Gameplay: Logistics section members will now be able to construct emplacements and defense to the exception of FOB. -Gameplay: Players can now see how much construction points are left when close to construction trucks and supply crates. -Gameplay: Players won't be able to change side after five minutes, unless team are unbalanced. -Gameplay: Adjusted ticket count from 400 to 600. (Originally 800) -Gameplay: Increased Yaw limits of all emplaced MGs and Sdkfz 251 MG42. -Add: Spanish and German localization -Add: Original Soundtrack for all Deluxe and Supporter Edition -Add: Artbook for all Deluxe and Supporter Editions -Add: Repair Station can now repair internal components -Fix: Not being able to deploy MGs in a couple structures and collision issues -Fix: FOB radios not despawning on FOB destruction -Fix: Various props materials and LODs -Fix: Some ground objects collision in Doorwerth -Fix: Water shader optimization to ease on GPU -Fix: Brick shader optimization to ease on GPU -Fix: Bullet are now passing through razorwire -Fix: Sherman Firefly wheel dust FX PS: Our level designers are working hard on Velmolen, the first map that will be available for the US faction. A "small" 2 by 2km map featuring the 82nd Airborne. Grave and Veghel will then follow. https://gyazo.com/cf1547b65e53d7ec323a62e5f9abf122 Also some experimentation with the weather sound and FX. https://streamable.com/3keg2
  11. all is on the title !😀 I know some of you are using LGSM : https://linuxgsm.com/2018/09/release-180908/ Cheers.
  12. Soldat Ryan

    Post Scriptum afternoon

    If you are playing Post Scriptum Game, feel free to join us this afternoon on server [FR-NGBC]NotGoodBuCrazy. Everybody is welcome. We are starting around 15h30/16h00 CET.
  13. Soldat Ryan

    [FR-NGBC]Post Scriptum Server

    A new server is available on Post Scriptum today at 2PM (CET) Feel free to join us.
  14. Soldat Ryan

    Post Scriptum : changelog

    Changelog : 1.0.39 ( source ) - Added Flak36 emplacements to Driel S05, S06, S08, S09 and Oosterbeek S01, S03, S04, S06 & S09 layers - Added Doorwerth lobby image - Added Arnhem Range lobby image - Added new water shader - Added Sdkfz 7 with a mounted Flak 38 - Added DF Shadows and Collisions to foliage on Driel and Oosterbeek - Added new layers to Driel, Oosterbeek and Heelsum - Added destruction effects for pontoons - Added sound effects and particle effects for vehicle damage states - Fixed collisions and visual bugs in Castle Doorwerth - Fixed collisions and material assignments for various environment assets in Doorwerth. - Fixed distance field shadows for bush variant - Fixed oversized collision for tree variant - Fixed Doorwerth repair stations - Fixed collision on fences (to make them passable for tanks) - Fixed more fences to be passable by vehicles - Fixed footsteps sound on wood attenuation and volume - Fixed stationary camera while reloading in Vickers emplacement - Fixed enfield2 casing spawning only on epic settings - Fixed doubled spawning of casings when bolting - Fixed zeroing on Bren, G41, G43, K98k, Lee Enfield, MG34, MG42, MP40, Sten and STG44 - Fixed extra Sdkfz 232 on Oosterbeek Layers - Fixed sound for panther driver - Fixed chimney smoke - Fixed penetration values for some AP rounds - Fixed Panzer III steering right - Fixed Panzerfaust "Reload" animation and added sounds. - Improved MG34 and MG42 zoom factor - Improved foliage shading - Improvements to Doorwerth Known Issues: - Reflections on water shader might not work as intended with low AA settings - There still might be some fences here and there that are not passable.
  15. Cyruz

    Major Update 2 (Full Changelog)

    Problem solved linux gsm have an faulty server.ini and from an old version. So when u install battalion thrue linux gsm u wont get the correct update
  16. Cyruz

    Major Update 2 (Full Changelog)

    We use Linux GSM they fucked up settings realy bad
  17. Soldat Ryan

    Major Update 2 (Full Changelog)

    Sry for you. I haven't meet this problem yesteday on my server. On the official forum, someone reported the same issue.
  18. Cyruz

    Major Update 2 (Full Changelog)

    Nop we usenew files no old or mixed no old server.ini eather
  19. Soldat Ryan

    Major Update 2 (Full Changelog)

    Do not use old server config file. The laodout file name has changed.
  20. Cyruz

    Major Update 2 (Full Changelog)

    The server file is verry poor. When we run our server in tdm we have no weapons
  21. Notice : An RcontTool is available with server files. Major Update 2 - OUT NOW! (Full Changelog) - ( Source ) Yes. It's finally time. Major Update 2, the game update that we’ve been talking about for the past few months, has left beta and is now LIVE! Our main goal for Major Update 2 (MU2) was to entirely revamp our core competitive gamemode - Wartide 2.0. Along with Wartide 2.0 we’ve added huge list of new features - including a complete ingame HUD overhaul, new player models, BattleRank (free cosmetic progression system), new maps, better weapon balance, movement, LAN servers, grenade training and improved netcode - and that’s just the beginning. So without further ado, here’s the Major Update 2 changelog! Major Update 2 Core Features Wartide 2.0 - Entirely revamped & improved competitive gamemode. Introducing ‘BattleRank’ Beta 2018 - Our free seasonal cosmetic progression system. Revamped Movement System - Improved lean, jumpshot nerf, smoother movement. New Competitive Map - Savoia, Italy New Weapons - MP28 & Grease Gun. Reworked Weapon Balance - Varied Weapon Choice & Sniper Nerfs. LAN Server Support - Including Grenade Training (Strat Mode). New HD Renderer - Improved visuals take Battalion 1944 visuals into the next generation. New Matchmaking System - Increased Stability Huge Performance Optimisations - Solid 120+ FPS on most systems. New HD Sound Engine - Advanced Sound Attenuation. EXPERIMENTAL - Added Bots to fill empty server slots - Can be possessed by dead players. EXPERIMENTAL - Added Work In Progress Match Replay system (Third Person ONLY) New Competitive Gamemode ‘Wartide 2.0’ Updated Visuals & New HUD Interface with Wartide 2.0 For the past few months we’ve been incrementally playtesting alongside our dedicated community a brand new & improved version of our core gamemode, Wartide 2.0. The gamemode now revolves around a true team based economy system with solid comeback mechanics to allow for varied and interesting round to round gameplay. We’ve done away with the old card system and completely and utterly overhauled the user interface for a much more fun & polished gameplay experience. Our hardcore players have been loving the weekly beta tweaks and changes and we’ve been receiving lots of good reports we’re finally ready to share this new gamemode and push it to the live servers. We can’t wait to hear the feedback from the wider gaming audience. Wartide 2.0 Token Rewards/Expenses: Max Tokens: 12 Round Win Bonus: 2 Round One Loss Bonus: 1 Round Two Loss Bonus: 2 Round Three Loss Bonus: 3 Bomb Defuse/Explosion Bonus: 1 New Allies Weapon Costings: Grease Gun: Free M1 Carbine: 1 Trench Gun: 2 Thompson: 3 (+1) M1 Garand: 4 BAR: 4 (-1) Springfield: 6 (-1) New Axis Weapon Costings: MP28: Free Gewehr: 1 Trench Gun: 2 MP40: 3 STG44: 4 (-1) Kar98k: 5 (-1) Kar98 Scoped: 6 (-1) New Utility Costings: Frag Grenade: 2 (+1) Smoke Grenade: 1 Weapon Saving Players can now save weapons between rounds in both their primary and secondary weapon slots. This gives a large reward to players who stay alive and/or teams who win the round. This feature has massively changed the way Battalion is played - and winning an eco round rush then taking the enemy weapons has never felt more rewarding. New Map - Savoia, Italy Savoia has been designed around the idea of playing around with vertically, long sightlines and larger open areas as a departure from the default mould of Battalion’s current map design. High precision aim and map awareness have never been more important as you choose to either snipe from window to window or weave with an SMG through the italian buildings of our brand new competitive map, Savoia! Existing Maps Reworked & New HD Renderer Several maps have had both minor and major complete reworks since MU1 - and now the changes are finally going live. New HD Renderer & Performance Gains All Maps Map Changes / Reworks: Invasion Rework Changes: Manhouse v2: Added a haystack as cover to the corner of A bombsite Flattened the terrain in that same corner of A bombsite Removed the ‘boost boxes’ by mid/A barn exit Blocked certain overpowered boost spots based on players feedback Fixed some map specific bug Coastal: Improved spawn area layouts for both axis and allies. Added a new sniper building by the allies spawn for the Allies to peek into mid from a higher elevation or defend against aggressive flankers from B. Added a new enterable house on A long by the A bombsite to allow axis players to peek A long and allied players to flank around the A bombsite building. Made the ‘Byfam Antiques’ building enterable to add a quicker rotation point between B stairs & middle’s broken walls. Added a ladder to the back of the A bombsite building to allow players to enter from the top of the wooden stairs (sorry stair campers!) Updates & Bug Fixes: Derailed Aim Map Liberation Outpost Upottery Updated Minimaps As a small UI update we’ve also updated all of the minimaps to fit the new Wartide UI. Here’s the very latest top down minimap images so that players can create new callout images & strategies if you wish. Battalion 1944 Major Update 2 - New Minimaps : https://imgur.com/a/w4QRHHw New & Improved Player Models We’ve updated Battalion 1944’s first and third person player models and animations to look and feel 100x better than the previous characters in the old live build of the game. After playing with and against these new player models there’s no way we could never go back. New Weapons - MP28 & Grease Gun The famous allied ‘Grease Gun’ and Axis ‘MP28’ have been added to the game. Their role as the new default weapons of Battalion 1944 is an effective, and free, close range option to quick rush the enemy team or catch aggressors off guard. A great option when your team’s economy isn't looking too strong in a match of Wartide. Allied ‘Grease Gun’ submachine gun Axis ‘MP28’ submachine gun Full Change-Log Gameplay - (Movement & Gunplay Tweaks) Movement Changes: Reduced the amount your third person player model moves out of cover whilst leaning by 75% which will encourage angle holding and jiggle peeking. Increased momentum very slightly to create smoother general movement. No longer receive movement penalty when falling from small heights whilst not ADS to increase general movement fluidity. Adjusted acceleration to allow players to make minor positional adjustments Added a server side ‘takeoff’ sound when a player jumps to give players who are holding an angle extra information on the enemies movement behavior. Added a ‘movement punish’ when landing whilst holding ADS. New better functioning vault Vault animation added to first person and third person Jump land punish now regenerate x2 faster when not in ADS/Scoped/Aiming (In line with COD) Lean Speed increased by 15% Fall damage reduced New walk/left/right animation (hips don’t sway, new crouch animation to follow soon) Jump ADS Punish recovery time decreased by 0.2 (now more in line with COD4) Prone Behavior Changes If a player goes to prone when moving whilst ADS, they will be pulled out of ADS. If a player goes to prone when stationary whilst ADS, they will stay in ADS. If a player tries to move whilst already in prone and ADS, they will be pulled out of ADS - unless you’re a using a scoped sniper rifle. Prone ADS bug fixed Weapons Changes and additions: Added MP 28 Added Grease Gun More Consistent Weapon Physics After Death Sniper Rifles The Springfield, the Kar98 Scoped and the Kar98 now take slightly longer to become fully scoped when transitioning to ADS. This has in turn increased the length of the inaccuracy period when transitioning between hip fire to aiming down the scope. Hip Fire / Noscope is now considerably more accurate. ADS Transition Speed increase/buff from 0.35 > 0.31 (MU1 ADS time was 0.25) ADS Move speed increase/buff from 1.0 > 0.8 Weapon Holster speed increase/buff from 0.333 > 0.233 Hip Spread Recovery Rate After Moving 20 > 32 (Explained: After you stop moving, you will see your crosshair return to the centre. This an important assisting mechanic for no scoping. Although the snipers are more inaccurate from hip than the Kar98, they recover their static hip fire accuracy almost 35% faster than the Kar98. The crosshair is 100% accurate to the area where the noscope can land. Sniper scope FOV increased Rife changes Kar98 Scoped noscope accuracy buff Heavy Weapons The BAR is now a 3 shot weapon across all ranges instead of 3-5 shots at range. The BAR ADS animation was tweaked to feel more snappy and responsive. The STG44 is now a 3-4 shot weapon instead of 3-5 shots. Both STG44 & BAR stationary hip fire accuracy slightly increased. STG rate of fire (time between shots) decreased from 0.09 > 0.11 SMGs MP40 Horizontal Recoil Slightly Reduced. Shotguns Max range damage slightly reduced. Min range damage increased slightly. Crosshair spread decreased to more accurately portray pellet spread. Reduced shotgun fire rate. Can now hold 6 shots instead of 5. Eco Weapons Grease Gun & MP28 rate of rire (Time between shots) increased from 0.13 > 0.125 Weapon Penetration Values Bomb box no longer penetrable Adjusted penetrable meshes New Sounds: Added a server side ‘takeoff’ sound when a player jumps. New Gewehr Sound. New STG44 Sound. New Thompson Sound. New Luger Sound. New M1911 Sound. New Headshot Sound. New Hitmarker Sound. New Footsteps Sounds. New Token Pickup Sound. New Attenuation/Falloff. Adding an Ambient Sound Slider Added grenade pick up sounds. Added new hitmarker sound effect. Added new headshot sound effect. Added ambient volume slider. Added main menu music volume slider Added subtle audio occlusion. Added new in-game music for Wartide gamemode. Added new announcer voice for Wartide gamemode. Bomb Ticking now gets faster depending on time left on the bomb. Increased bomb planting sound radius. Fixed a bug where other player's Garand 'ping' would trigger at incorrect times. Player: Added new jump sound effect. Improved footstep sound effects for some surfaces. Improved taking damage sound. Weapons: Improved gun sound attenuations. Added new mechanical sound to guns when they are running out of ammo (first person only). Improved gunshot sounds for STG44, Thompson, Trench Gun, BAR, Mp40, Luger, Colt 1911 and Gewehr. Added knife stabbing sounds. Performance Gains Blueprint Navisation (drastically decreasing load times and increasing performance). Level Specific Optimisations (reducing draw calls). General Optimisations (reducing unnecessary clutter within the project). Animation Optimisation (only visible information is sent to clients). Settings/Menu Configs No config resetting More in-game config settings ini files will be locked Some restrictions on certain config settings Misc 144hz / fullscreen issue fixed (For extra assurance, make sure your Windows refresh rate is set to 144hz, not just Nvidia graphics settings, Battalion uses windows refresh rate setting when not in true full screen) Amazon servers Updated Smoke Grenade Our new smoke grenade effects are now more consistent and act as a solid visual wall to allow players to cross gaps to safely and maneuver past long sightlines with confidence... or even get a cheeky ninja defuse! Introducing Ladders! All of the above changes have been made to polish the core of Battalion 1944 before we move onto Major Update 3’s development where we will start focusing on polishing arcade game modes (FFA, TDM, CTF & DOM) and the overall user experience from rewards and stat tracking to medals and UI. Introducing ‘Battlerank’ - New Cosmetic Progression System! When looking at the list of issues with the Early Access launch version of Battalion, at the top of the list was giving reasons for players to keep playing whilst rewarding those who do keep booting up and playing for their efforts. We had these kind of changes down to be worked on ready for Major Update 3 - but we’ve decided to run a small ‘beta season’ of our new leveling system within Major Update 2 called ‘BattleRank’. BattleRank Beta Season 2018 is the first step towards making Battalion the engaging and rewarding game it was always intended to become. With every BattleRank season will come new exclusive rewards and weapon skins that can only be acquired during that period. BattleRank is a system designed to reward you for playing Battalion 1944 - due to this, all players’ XP will need to be reset to make way for this new era of BattleRank. Every player who boots the game during the very first beta season will receive a participant coin and a participant weapon skin as a thanks for checking out the changes to the game during MU2. However, players who stick around past the MU2 launch will get the chance to ‘level up’ their BattleRank to higher tiers. This is done by gaining experience point (XP) by playing the game and completing matches. In the 2018 Beta Season of BattleRank, every 10 levels will reward you with a new & exclusive weapon skin that can be sold or traded on the community market. Also, every single level up will upgrade your publicly displayed BattleRank icon and also reward you with a free War Chest! Battlerank ‘beta 2018’ Exclusive Weapon Skin Unlocks These weapons can only be obtained by playing Battalion 1944 and leveling up via XP during the ‘Beta 2018’ season. These skins are tradable and marketable. Once the Beta 2018 season ends - these weapons will no longer be available to unlock. Bronze Tier (Rank 2-9) - ‘MP28 | Hazard’ & BattleRank Beta 2018 Participant Coin Silver Tier (Rank 10-19) - ‘BAR | Hellfire’ Gold Tier (Rank 20-29) - ‘Colt 1911 | Midnight Fade’ Platinum Tier (Rank 30-39) - ‘Grease Gun | CyberPunk’ Emerald Tier (Rank 40-39) - ‘Kar98k | Platinum Plated’ Diamond Tier (Rank 50+) - Animated ‘Springfield | Dragon Breath’ & BattleRank Beta 2018 Completionist Coin The diamond tier scorched earth Springfield design is the first ever animated weapon skin in Battalion 1944 that reacts to your gameplay. Reign fire upon your enemies and see your springfield rage into life as light emits from the veins of this weapon’s woodwork every time you pull the trigger. New Warchest - The Aces High War Chest Along with BattleRank - we’re adding a brand new War Chest! Say hello to the brand new 'Aces High' War Chest. Drop chances within these new War Chests are considerably improved. Therefore the chance of you receiving higher tier skins is much higher. Players will be able to unlock an ‘Aces High’ War Chest every time they level up via BattleRank. Here’s a preview of some of the new weapon skins you’ll be able to get your hands on: The ‘Chompson’ Weapon Skin - Exclusive to the ‘Aces High’ War Chest The ‘Red Barron’ STG-44 Weapon Skin - Exclusive to the ‘Aces High’ War Chest The ‘Axis Nightmare’ BAR Weapon Skin - Exclusive to the ‘Aces High’ War Chest And many more! New & Updated Settings Menu LAN Server Support - Including Grenade Training (Strat Mode). After requests from the community we have decided to include Offline LAN server support as well as a grenade training mode. This includes a keybind for a grenade follow feature that allows you to track your grenade/smoke flight path and where it lands in order for you to work on those entry and denial stop nades. We hope you enjoy! Many aspects of the game can be tweaked from this lan creation menu - meaning it can be a bit overwhelming for new players! We’ll be tidying up all the UI for this feature before full release but for now enjoy the unlimited customisation of your LAN servers. How to enable strat mode 1] Create your LAN server with strat mode enabled and your desired map selection 2] When in your server type server.givegrenade NUMBER OR server.givesmoke 3] Throw your grenade then press your grenade follow key (default Z) to follow the grenade in the air! Use your mouse to rotate around the grenade mid flight. 4] Get creative! Eventually you’ll find some insane grenade angles to take with you into online servers like this: Experimental Feature - Adding Bots! Bots have also been a highly requested feature and we are happy to say that they now can be included into community servers to. These can populate empty spots in a server and can be possessed by dead players. Newly joining players will kick these bots and take their spots! Bots are WORK IN PROGRESS so you’ll see that they’re not very smart & will potentially have issues that could mean we remove them temporarily from the live servers. They like to follow each other in packs. One of our goals between now and full release is to be constantly improving the bot AI, so expect them to get smarter between now and full release. Experimental Feature - Match Replays (Demo Viewer) This is an extremely early version of this feature. Players can now manually record matches by pressing F4 (Default Keybind) during gameplay which will start locally recording everything that happens in a match until the replay is manually stopped by pressing F4 again. These replays can then be accessed from the settings menu from within the main menu. At the moment the replays are only in 3rd person with a very simple timeline function as a proof of concept. The replay feature will contain bugs and is likely to entirely break. Obviously this is not ideal. However, we felt it was important to push this feature into MU2 for early testing and to potentially help content creators relive awesome moments that happen during a game. The match replay feature will be improved upon with the release of the next large content update, Major Update 3 and will be continued to be improved as we heard toward full release next year. We aim to allow players to relieve entire matches from any perspective as if they were spectating them live. Please help us test this very early, yet important addition to Battalion 1944 and send us feedback via our official Discord! Summary Hopefully you guys will see the revived potential of Battalion 1944’s future after you try out Major Update 2 today - we’re committed to the future of this game and we’re not going anywhere. Want more? Major Update 3 is not that far away and will bring even more to the table to make Battalion 1944 the game its intended to be. Gallantry Budapest - The First Major Update 2 Lan Tournament The very first LAN tournament running Major Update 2 is taking place at Gallantry Budapest. 18 teams from across the globe will compete to try and take the crown from Insomnia 62 winners Team Endpoint & embrace the glory of stamping their team name into Battalion 1944’s history books as the game’s best players during this Early Access period. You can watch all the action live on Twitch, 13th - 15th July 2018. Twitch: Gallantry Twitch Gallantry Events Twitter Read More: https://gallantry.gg/ (Note: Trailer includes outdated Pre-MU2 gameplay footage from past B44 tournaments) Coming Soon After Major Update 2. Ever wanted to get into games design or show off your level design skills? Soon you’ll be able to dive into the Battalion 1944 Developer Toolkit. More info coming soon! Thanks, The Bulkhead Interactive Team
  22. Cyruz

    Invitation to play our map mp_ngbc


    this will be fun
  23. Soldat Ryan

    Invitation to play our map mp_ngbc

    Details here 😉 :
  24. Soldat Ryan

    Release of Post Scriptum

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