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About Us
Background History

Mappers United was created in November 2010.

The original members had all just left another group to start out fresh and to follow our vision. Our "Vision" was to create a community within the Call of Duty mapping and modding community where we could do our thing our way. There were lots of other small communities doing much the same thing so this style was popular and accepted back then. We were all friends and had worked together for a long time.

The original group attracted others to become members and frequent visitors. New content was released often for the games and assistance was given to all who came looking for help. Our family grew and eventually we did attract regular players to our server. From these regulars we did eventually form a gaming clan under our [MU] tag.

As time moved on the mapping community started to decline and the community began to shrink. To a large degree this resulted from the studios making the decision to no longer provide the tools required to create for the newer versions of the Call of Duty franchise. Many disappeared from the community. Mappers United and a few other communities remained to support those who continued to create. We were fortuneate in that we have a very solid core of devoted mappers and to this day they continue to astound with some of the most amazing new maps! It is also important to note that several of the mappers that were members here went on to work at Treyarch and IW. We are obviously very proud of them and their accomplishments!


Mappers United made a very important decision late in December 2015.

It was decided that our community would separate our gaming clan from the mappers/modders.

For the most part the [MU] tag members were playing Battlefield and the site hosted a game server and TeamSpeak. As this happened the former [MU] gamers took it upon themselves to form two new gaming groups under new and distinct tags. Mappers United wishes them both well in their gaming experiences and all the best to them for the future. It was decided by the senior Staff of Mappers United that we will gladly support any gaming clan by providing new material and content to the games that they play that we have the abilities or tools to work with. It is hoped by us that any content that we provide will give many hours of fun and camaraderie.

Mappers United then took down their old site and immediately relaunched with the current site.

This new site will be constantly evolving so dont be surprised if you see changes on an almost daily basis. Please contact Steve directly or post your suggestions in the forums if you have questions or suggestions. This house belongs to all of us so please be a part of the process and the fun!

Early in 2016 Treyarch selected members from the mapping community to participate in the Closed Alpha Testing of the new mapping and modding tools. Several members from Mappers United were chosen to be a part of that team.

Now that the tools have been released to the general mapping and modding communities it is great to see that a lot of really nice new content has been created. It is good to see so many old faces returning to work on new content and helping those new mappers get their feet under themselves. We have forged close alliances, partnerships, with several other communities to help share the load to better assist in the community.

Mappers United is prepared to continue with its root vision of creating new content and to assist those that seek help. We are looking forward to being completely involved in the new tools and help out in any shape, form or manner that we can.

The Future

The future is looking good. There are some new mods including a WW2 mod in the works. Content is being created to take advantage of this mod so keep your eyes open for more news as it all comes together.

We know that Treyarch has a new project in the works and we are monitoring that closely for any news.

Any news or announcements will be provided in our forums as it becomes available.

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