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Aligning and Detailing Textures

If you’re picky like me, you'll notice that most of the textures in the newer COD’s that are labelled “next gen” hardly represent the title.

In this tutorial, I will guide you through the process of getting the best look on your textures. By default, Most of the developers don’t “sharpen” their textures. It’s time consuming, and for a quick shooter, it’s not really noticeable.


For this tutorial, I’ve built a 4 paned window with framework. Sure, I could have used the MWR replacement, but they are models, they are ONE sided, and they have no collision at all.

1.jpg                                            2.jpg

Here’s your standard COD 4 window. Not bad, right ?                                            But what about a proper 3D one with custom textures ?


I’ve created a custom Hi-resolution wood texture, and I’ve made three variants of it using Albedo tint. The Resolution for these planks are 352x3400.

The idea with such a big resolution is that you can shrink a texture without loss of quality, but you can not enlarge a texture without losing quality.


If you have no idea what I’m talking about, you should stop here, and read the “importing custom textures” tutorial first.


I am going to color the framework with “me_woodbeam_01”, and do the main window with “me_woodbeam_02”.

For example purposes, I’ve just used a stock glass from BO3 “t7_glass_clean_01_clear_scratch”.


Here’s what it looks after I’ve coloured the framework and window before I do anything else to it. You can see everything is aligned vertically, and the textures are pretty low quality.


Now what we do is select one part, and align the texture. There is three ways you can achieve it.

Open “Surface Inspector”

With your part selected, click “Vertical” or “Horizontal”. If it does not look right with either of those, click in the “Rotate” field and either type 90 or use mouse up and down to rotate in 45 degree increments.

Since the grain of the beam is already vertical, we need to do the opposite to get it to align on a vertical object.

Same goes for Horizontal alignment (Click Vertical).





You do not have to select every single piece and align them individually. Simply align one horizontal part, then deselect it. Select all the other horizontals together and use “middle mouse” button whilst clicking on the already aligned part.

Do the same for Vertical parts.

If you have a diagonal texture that needs aligning, get it to the closest you can using “Vertical, Horizontal and Rotate”, then use “Rotate”, but change the increment from 45 to 1. Rotate using the mouse scroll wheel until it’s properly aligned.



That’s it. Hope this tutorial has helped you out, and as always, if there’s any questions, go ahead and ask.

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