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Battalion 1944

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19 hours ago, Icey said:

last night was looking for the differences between the 2 and found this vid.

its a month old tho.



Thanks for posting the video Icey! Should be an interesting year! Curious to see what Days of War may show in the "early access" portion the narrator mentioned in the video.


Excited to see what may come of these two. Although I have my hopes up that some progress may be made within the BO3 modding community towards a WWII era mod/gameplay as I have a higher affinity for the CoD engine than I do the UE engine. Regardless, cheers to the makers and the progress us players will get to enjoy :)

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your welcome :)  I and i think many like me are just so eager to get back a ww2 shooter back again like mohaa/cod1/cod2 but with today's gfx possibility's  and these 2 seem to have it all.

Its always a wait and see mode but so far ,and how the devs interacting with the already many followers, its living up to the hype of both games.

To make it perfect they both come with tools and dedi servers so all ingredients are there for both games to have a long lifespan, something we been "begging" for with the bigger companies for years.


As for the engine, i agree that i also have more with CoD tools then the UE4 tools but with the already decreased BO3 playerbase ( most already left the game and went back to older games or games like CoD4 remastered) i doubt if all the hard work that's been put in the ww2 mod for it will be worth it. tools simply came out much to late, but thats my opinion. If u want to have a long lifespan of your game then u make sure u release to tools the same time as the game or shortly after, not when the game is basicly dead.  In the end u still play a modern war game, ww2 mod or not, it simply doesnt feel the same as the classic ones. BO3 is simply a passed station.


These 2 games and its makers are stepping up at the right time, people are sick and tired of moderm warfare and zombie stuff and they sick and tired of the bigger companies milking them out for every cent they got and i think those companies gonna pay the price now. 

If they play it right and keep doing what they doing atm then those 2 small companies will show the big ones what its really all about and will put the bigger companies in a corner that they HAVE to step up and do something about it. 

I also rather make maps for CoD for ww2 shooter but they are not giving the majority the chance.


so far from what ive seen is that it looks like


Battalion1944 = Mohaa/cod1/cod2

Days of War = DoD/DoD:S


i think with these 2 comming up the community has a game again they can play for years.




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Here is the link where you can still pre-purchase the game for Alpha/Beta or early access : https://www.humblebundle.com/g/battalion1944

Notice : Devs are thinking to make a cheaper price for early access at release.

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wouldnt be a bad thing to make it a bit cheaper, they charging 65,- wich is equal to the big companies for the cod games, seeing they have to compete with the big boys it would maybe be smarter to adjust the price a bit to attract more players.

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