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COD2 radiant width / height problem

Hello, i really hope someone here can help me with this problem :)


I recently started mapping and love it, i watched all tutorials of blackjackjonnyy (hes well known here i think). Now im trying to make a bridge just like he did it. I copied every step but it doenst work for me. 


From min 1.07 the problem occurs. 


Whenever i select my simple curved patch and enter width 3 and height 5 i only see 3 verts in frontview and in the length of the patch i got 5 verts (i think this is the main problem). But i can fix this by taking width 5 and height 3. But then it doesnt let me use the inverted bevel (shift c once the patch is selected). It works perfectly fine for my friend (he also uses width 3 and height 5 (and he gets 5 verts instead of 3). I reinstalled the program but the same problem. 


I really hope someone can help me here. I recently started mapping and i love it. But this problem is really keeping me back :(


Many thanks in advancce 

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3 answers to this question

I am going to assume that you are talking about the first full patch that will be the curved top portion of the archway.  If this is the case then make sure that you are in TOP VIEW first to make the initial patch and then go to SIDE or FRONT view to move the verts to create the curve.


The other thing to consider and I simply cant remember is that you are trying to do this in COD2 and the video was made in Radiant for World at War.  I dont know if anything is different for this technique when working in COD2.

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Yeah i am in topview ^^. Like i said my friend does exactly the same (also COD2) and it works for him. 


I think there is something fcked up with my width and height. idk :(

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If that is all that is not working then get your buddy to make it for you and send it to you.  What OS are you using and what OS is he using?


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