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Modern Warfare Steam Down patch

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Modern Warfare (COD4) Steam users may have notised the lastest downgrade in cod4

Steam have downpatch the game from 1.7 to 1.6. 1.6 users wont be able to see or play on 1.7 servers.  Steam also wont allow users to manualy pach the game back to 1.7  with the official 1.6-1.7 patch.


Solution: if u got your Cod4 downgraded to 1.6 use this iw3mp.exe in the link down below.   Paste it inside your cod4 game and replace the old one.   This iw3mp.exe

is a original file from the 1.7 patch and all that needs tp patch back to 1.7


Download -----> Cod4 1.7 Patch

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