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Getting back into mapping!

Getting back into mapping!

Hey all,


I am a new mapper that is coming back to mapping.  I originally made the COD5 World at War map: mp_bahnhof


I took a leave from gaming but now I want to get back to mapping and putting as many of my ideas back into this wonderful game.


I am also looking to make a team of COD5 mappers to bring back this beautifully made game.  I have been disappointed time after time by these new COD games with no private dedicated servers and less customizable options.

So far there are 3 of us in SnR Scoutsandraiders.org that map and we are looking and willing to help teach to make a team of COD5 mappers.


Please message me if interested and I hope to see you guys bring some innovative ideas and maps to this game.

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Great to see you back!!


I would have zero problem with adding your group url to our list at the bottom of the site.

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Oh thanks man!  We definitely appreciate it.


The url for our clan's website is Scoutsandraiders.org


As of right now, we have 3 mappers and are looking to train more so that we can keep playing the COD game that we have grown to love.

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wb sherm :)

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