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Soldat Ryan

call of duty 2017


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This game has the potential to be a winner..but then again, so did MWR.

I really hope and pray for Sledgehammers sake that they:

Remove microtransactions (apart from camo of course)

Bring back Player hosted dedicated servers like Treyarch did, and also a dedicated server browser.

Consider mod tools or integration into the BO3 Radiant.

Stick to skill based open map gameplay. (cod 4, MW2, bo1, bo2, bo3)

I'm looking forward to it, but if it's going to be chock full of all the crap that's been in the last 5 cods, I'm gonna be VERY VERY disappointed.

I'm still reeling that we have to pay for DLC for MWR and the introduction of fancy weapons and crap that never came with the game.

If you're going back to your roots, you better f'n mean it. This is your chance to redeem the franchise or bury it.


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Ok, I finally had the time to really watch the video up above.


First impression is that I like what I see.  The campaign looks to be linear of course but following history in a logical order.  We have seen all this before but then I have to pause and ask myself have we really seen it all in the previous and antiquated versions of yesteryear.


From what I have seen in the video clips and the trailer is a level of detail and immersion that we have not ever had the chance to experience before.  Obvious reasons are that technology has advanced so much in 10+ years and it appears that Sledgehammer was given the opportunity by Activision to do it right!


We dont know enough about this game at this point.  We still have 6 months to wait.  What I have seen so far is enough to have captured my interest and to keep on the watch for more details as they become available.  Im not ready to cheerlead this latest but Im not going to slam it either.  E3 is coming and with that in mind we have heard that more about the MP is to be shown then.  Beta or Alpha access is something else too.


So far, 2 thumbs up.

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All I see in the trailer is cinematics and some seconds of actual gameplay

I will wait

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We all hope,  a great game

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