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Hi everyone! Been a member on MU a while but never posted. I've been working on this map for a few months now, and I'm mostly working on the environment art at this point (there are still some places that are grey-boxed, but the majority of the map has at least first pass texturing).  CTF, Kill Confirmed, DOM, TDM, FFA, and S&D are all playable, but I need to adjust spawn placements. Hardpoint is technically playable, but I've only implemented one zone at the moment for testing, and that makes for some pretty dull gameplay. Scorestreaks shouls also be fully functional, although I haven't tested each one yet.


Here is the workshop for the map:




I'd love to know what everyone thinks, so if you're able to take the time to check it out, I'd really appreciate it!


Hope you enjoy!










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Welcome here, and nice to see u share ur work;)


although im not a bo3 fan, mapping wise it looks very nice :thumbs-up:

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Played this the other day, really good layout.......keep up the good work, will be added to our server shortly.

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I think it looks great!! 

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Beautiful work my man!  We added it when it was mostly grey box, but will be readding it again very soon!

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Thanks for the kind words everyone! ^_^ I'm still plugging away at this ( detailed patch editing is soooo time consuming), so I'll try to have some new shot up soon. 

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