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Kyassuru (Castle Remastered)

Kyassuru (Castle Remastered)

Hey guys, Released Kyassuru earlier this week, now has 2 patches, enjoy! 




Some WAW / BO3 compare shots:







Some time after leaving Der Eisendrache, Richtofen in his quest for harnessing the power of the realm lands the trio and himself on the ground of Kyassuru, an old Japanese Castle which was the theater of a great battle. They expect to find here Takeo 1.0 .... 



  • 30+ WW2 era weapons
  • Randomize Boxes, Perks
  • Zapper, Flogger Traps
  • Main EE
  • Side EEs
  • Challenges
  • Ziplines




  • Original Layout by Treyarch (World At War)
  • Original Zombie Map idea by SparkyMcSparks
  • All Geo changes, models and textures replace by ZeRoY



Ardivee, MakeCents, NateSmithZombies & ZeRoY


  • Mosin Nagant port by Carbon, textures by Frimenitnet
  • Sten Weapon model by Synths (Game Banana) port by ZeRoY
  • MP40 port by ZeRoY
  • Bayonnet Type30, Nambu & M1912 model by KnechtRuprecht (Game banana) port by ElTitoPricus / ZeRoY
  • Shield by HarryBo21
  • All other WW2 Weapon port by ElTitoPricus (WAW, BO1, KF, RO2, HOV, Verdun)
  • Audio Weapons (some) from WAW KP Mod



  • Wraith: DTZxPorter (none of this map would be possible without this great tool! Thanks bro)
  • Weapon convertor: Azsry
  • Model convert: Bram
  • Tom Xmodel Utils: Tom Crowley 
  • Waifu and various tools: Ardivee
  • Packer and other tools: MakeCents



  • Video Teaser / Trailer by Jr Rizzo
  • Poster art by One_Richard
  • Black Ops II style death animation by Frost Iceforge & Kingslayer Kyle
  • HUD Art by RudySPG


Additional testing, help: 

Wakka, Uptownpapi25, ParanoiD, Se2Dev, DUKIP, Lilrobot, HitmanVere, Ray, Blueshark, Teyks, TheZombieProjectCOD, QuentinFTL








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Nice !!!!!

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Of course now this means Im free to finally work on the WW2 mod :) - And yes Castle will be made for Multiplayer ;)

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let's all get back to our roots

and make and play some multiplayer matches


with a gamemode BOLTS ONLY. please :)

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Now thats a release ! 

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Cant wait to get my internet so i can download it. :)

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