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BO3 .exe crashes after new update

BO3 .exe crashes after new update

Has anyone had the issue since the update that your game .exe crashes on loading, I cannot play the game since the update and wondered if anyone else has had the same issue.

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I just checked and I launched just fine into Radiant.  Is it when launching into the game itself?  When was the update?

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Steve yep the game itself, thought I would play a little multiplayer but crash every time since the update....it was this week..

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I just tried to get into a public mp game and had no trouble connecting and getting in.  Maybe they have fixed it or it is something else if you are still crashing.


I did check and there are others experiencing the same or similar issues.  Have you tried to verify your files in Steam?

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I fixed it, just suspend your antivirus for 10 minutes and it works fine.....silly really but it it what it is.

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