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Noshahr (mp_dragon_valley)


Started to create a new map based on the Noshahr Canals portion of the BF4 Dragon Valley map.  Hope to use this to learn more effects, animation, etc.  Crane will be able to be accessed.


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nice project !

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Posted (edited)

post deleted


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interesting project,  nice idea:thumbs-up:

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Thanks! - sorry about the prior post, the video link had to be deleted.  Here's a better vid that shows the current progress, I'd say about 40-50% done.



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Coming along nicely!!  Keep it coming!

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Posted (edited)

Published and playable (TDM and DM).  Gotta work on the vistas, adding more details, sounds and the other game modes.


I've called the map "Noshahr" after the original BF3 name it's based on.


http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=881015543 - Noshahr (mp_dragon_valley)


Any idea how to add CTF and DOM - or where I can go for a tutorial?  I thought I saw one on the forums but can't seem to get to it.  Found it and figured it out.









Edited by westyjoe
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