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Soldat Ryan

Battalion will get DNA and restrict videos

Battalion will get DNA and restrict videos

Recently @Cyruz asked something about DNA on Battalion and possibility to make videos (thread LINK ). I fowarded a wrong information (but i was right when i answer him).


It seems they changed their point of view about it.

Here the thread on official forum about battalion, DNA and videos/Streaming in closed phase : http://forums.battaliongame.com/topic/1901-nda-for-closed-alpha/




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Thanks for the update on this!! 


If a unauthorized video shows up on this site then it will be removed asap and the poster will be expected to explain why it was posted.  (Suspension of membership may occur).

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Here is what we can read now on official FAQ (they update it) :



[1.15] Streaming the Closed Alpha/Beta?

The closed alpha/beta sessions aren't glorified marketing tools for us, they’ll be used exactly as intended; for bug testing and balancing the game. There will be unresolved issues/bugs to be fixed before release. We will not be allowing players to stream the Battalion 1944 closed alpha in May 2017. However, we’re totally cool with the community streaming the Closed Beta/Early Access versions, as long as content creators link viewers directly to our site and strictly inform inform their viewers that the game is in an early pre-release state and that bugs/balancing issues are to be expected. We will require you to sign an NDA to make sure you follow some guidelines and ultimately we reserve the right to revoke access from content creators or community members who abuse those rules.

Restriction is only (currently) on Closed Alpha

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