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mp domination tutorial

mp domination tutorial

Does anyone know of a tutorial for setting up your custom map to play Domination. I found the instructions for for making a map to play domination for WAW but it does not seem to work for BO3. I found it on zeroys wiki page.

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In the friendly base, place 9-16 mp_dom_spawn_allies_start entities.

In the enemy base, place 9-16 mp_dom_spawn_axis_start entities.

These normally overlap the TDM start spawns.


Browse to the \map_source\_prefabs\mp directory and place 1-3 of each of the following:




in the appropriate locations.


Since Flag B is triggerless, we need to create a trigger.

Draw a brush over Flag B, slightly higher than the player height, but below any rooflines or above levels. Stretch the outsides to show what radius you would like for players to capture this flag.

Open Entity Browser, and navigate to Trigger.

With your newly created brush highlighted, double click “multiple” from the Trigger menu.


Open Entity Info and in “Targetname” type “flag_trigger_b

Click “Add KVP”

Add the following information:

Property/Key                         Value

script_gameobjectname           dom onslaught  (no underscore after dom!)


Nothing else needs to be done, as everything is pre-scripted to the 3 flags.


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Thank you so much RaGe.

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Thanks for this. Just added Dom to my map and all seems ok but when i kill a bot the map crashes. TDM works ok with bots. Its probably something silly but i have no idea :(

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Sounds like you have the dom spawn_starts, but not the OTHER dom spawns that become active after the initial spawns are used.  Or maybe you haven't placed enough ?

Give me a screenshot of the entity list DOM and TDM spawns (expand them please) so I can see what you've done wrong.

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