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Soldat Ryan

Trouble with COD4 server

Hi mates,


May be you can help me to resolve this issue.
I m running a modded COD4 server since the loooong time now. 9_9
I never asked before because i though it was a bug form COD4. But if i listen some partners today, it seems not ! :$


The problem i meet is : each time a player load a custom map, his game crash on client side. He has to restart his game. The problem doesn't happend with default map.


Did you meet the same problem ?
There is a way to resolve it ?


I m using OW mod (it was the same with X4) and there is a lot of custom maps on the server.



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To many custom maps in the client folder if i remember, or something like that


Try and keep server with only ones you use also


I seem to recall cutting out maps and pasting them off to play


I may be wrong

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When i run the Sledehammer  1.43 mod  i used many maps . In the rotation i kept only stock maps. but in map wote all my custom maps. I never caught any client side crashes that way

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I run x4-based servers and all problems I've had have been with specific maps which when found and removed has cured the problem. Even if the culprit was just in the usermaps folder it seemed to cause problems... Should be easy enough to test if this is the case with your server by removing all custom maps (rename and remake usermaps folder) and simply running stock +1 custom, stock +2, +3 etc.. If initially you don't get the issue but later it comes back then it's most likely a map related problem. If you get it with just 1 custom map then the problem lies elsewhere...


(Our servers are currently running with 148 maps in the rotation)



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That's it !

I have removed maps not used on rotation and we do not meet new crashes. :)


Thanks mates. :x

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