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Best way to recreate a map!

Tested for COD4 or W@W

I just figured this out a few days ago, this method is better than any other in-game technique (getpos etc).


First download 3DXRIPPER.




Next go into the game that you want a map from (COD4 devmap mp_vacant for example)


Go into a team when the game loads


Type "noclip" like shown here:



Now, press F11 to go into "Wireframe mode" 


Now press the "S" key or whatever key that you have that makes you go up towards the sky.


GO PAST THE SKY (Portals will all be disabled AFTER you pass the sky so you are able to get all rooms and buildings!)

(This is when portals are enabled)



After you go past the sky, here is what everything will look like.




AFTER YOU GET INTO THE POSITION YOU WANT (it captures the whole map anyways after you disable the portals)


PRESS F10 TO DISABLE ALL TEXTURES! so the ripping goes faster, as you won't need the model anyways to be used in game, in the 3d programs everything is colored based on its texture, you don't need the textures, just the model itself for reference.


Now press F12 to rip.




After everything goes well, go into 3DXMAX or another 3d program


Import the OBJ file


BEFORE HAND, CHANGE THE UNITS IN YOUR 3D PROGRAM TO MATCH COD4. 1 "unit"= 2.54 cm, everything will now show in COD units which you can use in Radiant!.




Now, go to side view, you will notice that the model is at an "angel" or tilted. Rotate the model to where the walls/ pillars (from top view) are straight down and not angled, you will get major inaccurate measurements. 



After you straighten out the model, enable your snap tool (for 3d max I have the Snap to Grid/Endpoint/Midpoint AND Face all enabled)


Now find your  "measure tool", 3d Max it is under "tools" > Measure Distance.


Now press wherever you want to measure (aka POINT A) and go to end spot of where you want the measurement to end (POINT B)..Measure a width of a wall, a length of a road, a height building etc.



The warehouse at Vacant is about 1206 units wide.






You can re-create maps way faster using this method, in half of the time!


You can measure how far a car is from a wall, and place it accordingly in Radiant etc.




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