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Modtools Helper Black Ops III

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  1. Modtools Helper Black Ops III

    Our Modtoolshelper BO3 will :
    - adjust XMODEL_EXPORT files and run the export2bin
    - run multiple export2bin processes with wildcard
    - Convert DDS images to TIFF
    - Convert TGA images to PNG
    - Create Normal Map Images
    - Direct Access to Game Directories
    The Software is free of charge and is only Distrubuted from our website.
    For the Mappers that want to get going BEFORE the modtools are released here is our first tutorial.
    With Black Ops 3 installed you can start the installation of the Black Ops III Modtoolshelper 1.1 for 64 bits windows ONLY
    ***This link and download is provided with permission from 3DMappers.  Please show your appreciation by registering on their site.  You will be redirected to their site when you click on the DOWNLOAD button.


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