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General Stuff

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This section is for general things that dont fall into a specific section.

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  1. About This File
    IWD packing script
        I make maps with a lot of custom textures, Usually i end up with an IWD with lots of obsolete textures in it. I wrote this little script for cod4 to find and compress ONLY the files used in the map. I wrote this entirely for my own personal use, but I thought I would share the file as someone may find it useful.

        Notes CoD4:
        unfortunately this will only backup images to the iwd, it will not backup custom sounds
        At the moment this only works if your cod4 install is in one of the 4 stock install directories.
        This script is for english windows installs. if you have any othe language version of windows isntalled then edit the file with any text editor and change any instances of C:\Program Files to whatever Path your language uses. (note if your windows is installed on any drive other than C you can change this aswell.)
        This is only tested on windows 7, vista should work fine, due to reduced functionality in xp this may not work.
        This file uses the command line version of z-zip (inside the data folder)
        If it will not work for you then post below.
        copy the contents of the zip file including the data folder to a folder anywhere you like.
        run CoD4 IWD Packer.bat
        input your map name when requested. e.g. mp_mapname
        from here on the process should be automatic UNLESS the cod4 isntall is not english
        once the file has ran the iwd will be created in the same folder as CoD4 IWD Packer.bat
        Notes CoD5:
        Replace the file inside the data folder called images with the one inside the attached zip


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