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    By and large disappointed with BF1.  It has some beautiful graphics and a seemingly solid engine but somehow it just misses the mark with me.  I want to like it but...


    Ever get any continued interest in Squad... mapping, modding, or playing?  

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    Hi i have a question  i can see a tendency fom our seniors using chatbox for Bo3 chitchat thats perfectly ok  but some of the chats can be misinterpreted as support. In my wiev thats confusing for other mebers thinking its ok to ask for support in chatbox. Look bit wierd when some can and some can not. Maby am paranoid here  lol  bu the boss u deside :thumbs-up:


    1. Steve


      You are correct!  I did notice one this morning but forgot to remove it.  Thanks for taking it out!!


      Cheers  :D

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