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  1. Yesterday
  2. Looks real nice!
  3. Real interesting concept you got going!! Detail the hell out of it!!
  4. model help please Hello everybody this is my problem no dot in red dot weapon I'm try all I just knew but did not want to work
  5. Latest progress...
  6. Yep coming along nicely.....can't wait for the final release!!!
  7. I needed the motivation ;-)
  8. Is a weapon coloring a good idea?
  9. Its a very good effort I would say - nice progress Rage!!
  10. wraith maybe....... like this point if you get what Im saying.
  11. Ok..we're getting toward the end of this.. a few more screenies before release. (I'm almost ready to hand it to ZeRoY for final lighting & probing) Probing is roughly done (I haven't bothered with inside of buildings yet, and ZeRoY will no doubt facepalm when he see's my sad effort ) The main difference you'll notice in this version IS the lighting. I've moved the sun location from directly above to just above the construction site. This gives off some nice lighting effects that they didn't seem to achieve with COD4 OR MWR (both of which were over-exposed and too bright in my opinion). To get nice lighting effects though, it comes with a price. Ambient light. If you go too far once way, you lose the rays and it's too dark.. if you go too far the other way, it's too foggy and over-exposed. It's a fine balance, but we'll get there in the end. I wanted this to be...different..and I think I have definitely achieved that. Most of these textures are custom. I have custom models, retextured COD4 models and some other variants.. because what's the point in releasing something that's already been done ? Enjoy the screenies
  12. I tried many many things, The only fix was thru a Mod. Bram created a Sniper only mod and that took care of the issue. BO3 was not created with snipers in mind.
  13. Modtools from sledgehammer ? I doubt it. The next modtools will be the next treyarch game. Hopefully they are working on something mind-blowingly amazeballs. I'd like to see some originality. All these games are USA USA USA.. Newsflash..USA is not the fkn saviour of the world. How about making a game from say the german or russian or french perspective. ? /rant
  14. You can add this to the top of your zone file, not sure if it's what you're after. >title, YOURNAME
  15. Could this issue be caused by team mates being to close to the center of the map? The TDM spawn points will spawn players close to team mates. So if someone is close to the center of the map, they may spawn on the other side as it's the closest spawn point to to another team mate. I would get rid of the clip in the center and place a wide river or some kind of valley between the two sites. Then put all the spawn points closer together and see what happens.
  16. Actually you should be able to. We just need to figure out how. Yes, there map needs to be mp_mapname but if you remember that in older versions, there was a file where you could put the map name and the nice name I believe it was called. This file also held the gametype. I don't remember what the file was called because it's been years since I have seen it. I do remember though that it can be done. **EDIT** I think the file was called "arena"?
  17. Last week
  18. Thanks for all the support guys, it humbles me with the support that the community that increased and supported my efforts in all the projects I have undertaken.
  19. Version 1.0.0


    I included caulked versions of the cabins, The rest are textured for BO III.
  20. Prefabs Dead Man's Camp View File I included caulked versions of the cabins, The rest are textured for BO III. Submitter n2n_shadow Submitted 04/22/2017 Category Prefabs Member name  
  21. Getting more detail added, here are some in game pictures.
  22. Still for the joke , here some low-res pictures leaked : Source
  23. modtools? Sledgehammer don't do modtools in their COD's, I really hope they will bring modtools this time but for me dedicated severs would be a blast, i want bolt action only matches In fact I DEMAND IT !!!
  24. New textures, models, skyboxes and more! Unfortunately my custom textures needed to be redone.
  25. call of duty 2017 New CoD wwii game , going back to it's roots i'm so exited..... I hope it plays well and they bring out modtool faster then bo3 . I will have to learn mapping all over again https://www.gamespot.com/articles/call-of-duty-ww2-confirmed-for-2017/1100-6449502/
  26. Mod tools update Whoa, a 92 gb update!I just opened it and noticed a lot more models! sweeeet! Anyone know if there is a list or something with the details??
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