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  1. Yesterday
  2. Now thats a release !
  3. Looking great ! I do have one piece of MP Design feedback. In the first screen shot, I would consider moving the windows away from the side of the door frame. If your taking cover against this wall, do you really want to then be exposed to the window Perhaps move them further apart or lift them higher.
  4. ahh... the memories... This was a great map to work on. Cant wait to see how this remake turns out.
  5. 128 is the min recommended height for any interior room.
  6. Sure looks nice, and I'd love to try the beta. But for me going back to the roots means, dedicated servers. I'm done buying until they do away with the matchmaking on PC.
  7. Last week
  8. Grenade lancher and grip I'm try delete but no It came together
  9. mp_villa
  10. ^^ use stock ones I also watched your mod source, thats all broken :'( Wich attachements do you want delete ??
  11. Maybe to some that like that variety but for myself I am more old school. I like the weapons to be stock. I dont mind some of the camo looks but I find that most standout and are easy to see so potentially it makes the user an easier target. As for the "Golden" gun it is completely silly and is nothing more than some sort of trophy for the console kiddie user group.
  12. Failed to create siege 'misc_model' how do i place animated models with the "fxanim" name in them like the p7_fxanim_gp_jellyfish_blue_01_smod for example I get this error that pops up saying, "Failed to create siege 'misc_model'. Could not find compatible sanim." What does this mean?
  13. This isn't the same as the Christmas backlot.... Not even a little bit.. I have Completely redone this map from caulk and used MWR models, textures and my own custom textures. Who knows.. Maybe I can do random iterations of weather effects.. *looks at ZeRoY* :-)
  14. Thanks!
  15. Zombie Chronicles According to December'16 Treyarch information about something new content for Black Ops III Zombies in 2017 there is a rumor about 8 original zombie maps remastered to new CoD generation. Source: https://www.modernwar.pl/polski-sklep-zrodlem-przecieku-zremasterowane-mapy-zombie-trafia-do-black-ops-3
  16. @zeroy
  17. really nice !! i like it
  18. Nice !
  19. nice work I think will better mp_backlot_r rain winter is not nice just my look
  20. Looks real nice!
  21. Real interesting concept you got going!! Detail the hell out of it!!
  22. model help please Hello everybody this is my problem no dot in red dot weapon I'm try all I just knew but did not want to work
  23. Latest progress...
  24. Yep coming along nicely.....can't wait for the final release!!!
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