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  1. Today
  2. nice release great map
  3. Hellyeah! This map is awesome. THX Icey
  4. Yesterday
  5. Congrats on the release my friend!!!
  6. Kilian 1944 Im happy to present my latest map to u. " Kilian " Inspired by the ww2 Uboat bunker Kiel aka Kilian and based on a moh spearhead sp mission i had a good time mapping this one. mapping wise i think its my best work so far and feedback i got from the testers was fantastic. Enjoy the map Map Title: mp_Kilian Map Version: 1.0 Created by: Icey Steam: icey_ website: http://dbleveldesign.tk - http://mappersunited.com Special features: - Custom Ambient sound - Custom textures - Shootable pipes - Destructable models - Blackops style minimap - Dogs - Battlechatter Game: Call of Duty 5 World at War Supported Gametype: FFA - TDM - DOM - S&D - SAB -CTF - WAR Map size: Medium Teams: Allies - U.S Marines Axis - Wehrmacht Mod tested Ok : the map is tested using mp_usermaps - ACE Credits/Thanks - ElTitoPricus, for creating the custom Xmodel Uboat and torpedo's - Spinpuppy & Beers & Xtreme Idiots, for testing the map and the feedback - Hans & eVampires, for testing the map and the feedback - Jos van Laar, for tips and help with some of my questions - Mappers United ( thx Steve for having a good home for our mapping community.) - Zeroy's wiki Thanks to Treyarch for providing the tools/assets. All original and composed textures or assets in this modification remain property of the sources respective owners. DOWNLOAD
  7. getting the feedback tonight from Xtreme idiots with the map running on full server so if thats all good then the release will follow trying to make a vid for it aswell but i do suk any making those
  8. So, long enough tested! All is well...
  9. The file download issue has been fixed.
  10. Another update picture...
  11. the node issue use crtl I to copy your complete map and paste it into a new map. That ussually drops the node problem,
  12. Last week
  13. The test goes ahead...
  14. All the main structures are rough built now. There are a few destroyed bunkers that I have to build but they arent important just yet so I will get to them a little later. Right now I am doing the windows and doors. Breakable glass will be featured throughout for the accessible buildings. Pics to follow once I get a bunch of them done. I will get this part of the evolution done as quickly as possible and then start to really work on dressing up the terrain with trees etc.
  15. Uploaded too download !!
  16. thx mark, really happy with the result aswell
  17. wow that is what I call a map, the level of detailing is absolutely brilliant and its got a great feel and vibe about it love it .....................only played on it once so far but already one of my fav's great work m8 ..........................ps also love the way you present the map screen shots and load screen
  18. gettting towards release, atm its in testphase by XI and Hans the loadingscreen
  19. Thank You for the release.
  20. I Will try to upload it tonight after work...
  21. Those all look terrific!!!!!
  22. For now : 12 / 16
  23. 16 maps I have released 16 maps, Thanks to 4t4Chris. They are on his webpage at ....http://customapscod.com/cod5map/ Hope you's like em....... and thanks for all the help.....!!!
  24. cant remember the console commands for testing artillery and dogs, i believe it was /give artillery or /give dogs but app. it isnt
  25. LOL, and Im counting on you to let me know when Spring comes to Ontario!!!!
  27. Dundy prolly has it m8
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