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  1. Last week
  2. Really great looking map!!!!!
  3. Looks great !! WW2 maps for some reason look so much better in WaW...
  4. As always
  5. Drunk again I see Dundy......
  6. Multiplayer map "MP Fatherland" 80% work in progress
  7. I'm there,I'm here,I'm everywhere...
  8. Looks great !! Really like what i see so far .
  9. Starting to add some details, texture updates, lighting and stuff. Still a ways to go, but starting to show some life (at least I think so)
  10. Like the pictures Dundy, but you ignored my question sooooooo...... Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?
  11. Earlier
  12. some inside radiant pics ..lightning sucks I know...
  13. Looking real good Dundy, so are we there yet?
  14. Niceee Dundy
  15. After takin a break from mapping due to loosing inspiration and real life stuff I trying to get back to mapping so fired up Arnhem again. Due to low pc specs I,am probably not going to release it but it's still fun to build maps. Keeps me busy until WW2 comes out. On a side note really looking for in-depth tutorials how to add great details on buildings,roads and map in general .
  16. wb sherm
  17. Wow, now that is a course I would have enjoyed!
  18. Oh ok, that makes sense. I'll check out the download you sent RaGe. Thanks guys
  19. This might get you "moving" /pun scrolling_picture.zip
  20. First one, emissive scrolling. Second one looks like a complicated fx. Sort of like the one in backlot where rubbish floats around the map, with respawners set at the base and moving upwards (spawning the blocks as a secondary fx with a different end point) I know that's no help at all, but I haven't done a tutorial on FX yet..it's so full on. Best you can do is find something similar, find the efx file, copy and rename it, then play with the settings.
  21. because, study Game of Thrones at Harvard University ! it's true !!
  22. Definitely. Grime, gouges,ice and snow to come after all of the main features are added.
  23. Looking great so far. Are you going to "dirty up" all that stonework? Right now it has too much "sameness" to it.
  24. First the first part it looks more like some sort of scripted lighting. For the second part Im thinking that it looks more like some of the licensed fx stuff that is unavailable for us.
  25. Not sure I understand the reference to Harvard University, but I too love the series! Thanks!
  26. MP_GOT_CASTLE_BLACK at Harvard University !!!!! like the series !
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