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  1. Yesterday
  2. Ok, I finally had the time to really watch the video up above. First impression is that I like what I see. The campaign looks to be linear of course but following history in a logical order. We have seen all this before but then I have to pause and ask myself have we really seen it all in the previous and antiquated versions of yesteryear. From what I have seen in the video clips and the trailer is a level of detail and immersion that we have not ever had the chance to experience before. Obvious reasons are that technology has advanced so much in 10+ years and it appears that Sledgehammer was given the opportunity by Activision to do it right! We dont know enough about this game at this point. We still have 6 months to wait. What I have seen so far is enough to have captured my interest and to keep on the watch for more details as they become available. Im not ready to cheerlead this latest but Im not going to slam it either. E3 is coming and with that in mind we have heard that more about the MP is to be shown then. Beta or Alpha access is something else too. So far, 2 thumbs up.
  3. As said by Steve, you can't anymore. You have to wait for EA. The good news is it will be a cheaper price than it was. ------------------------------------------ Backer survey have been sent today. If those who backed the game from kickstarter campaign and didn't get the e-mail, contact them directly on their official forum.
  4. I read this over at their site.... Early Access on Steam for this game is supposedly late this year.
  5. I'm interested, would like to purchase and be involved with the testing too. How do we sign up?
  6. That looks mental. can't wait for release.
  7. It means the model is broken in some way. Possibly a texture, possibly a sub-model. Go into APE and load that model's GDT in, and take a look around. You're looking for a ! in a yellow triangle. If you remove THAT problem, it should work. Hope that helps.
  8. This game has the potential to be a winner..but then again, so did MWR. I really hope and pray for Sledgehammers sake that they: Remove microtransactions (apart from camo of course) Bring back Player hosted dedicated servers like Treyarch did, and also a dedicated server browser. Consider mod tools or integration into the BO3 Radiant. Stick to skill based open map gameplay. (cod 4, MW2, bo1, bo2, bo3) I'm looking forward to it, but if it's going to be chock full of all the crap that's been in the last 5 cods, I'm gonna be VERY VERY disappointed. I'm still reeling that we have to pay for DLC for MWR and the introduction of fancy weapons and crap that never came with the game. If you're going back to your roots, you better f'n mean it. This is your chance to redeem the franchise or bury it.
  9. Cant wait to get my internet so i can download it.
  10. I'd have to agree with Paulo here. At least have a space between the window and doorframe so the player can stand there without getting shot from the side through the window. Other than that..looks sweet as. Keep going..and if you need any help, ask away
  11. Last week
  12. I feel a lot better now and should be getting some more ram soon so this map should get updated pretty soon.
  13. Now thats a release !
  14. Looking great ! I do have one piece of MP Design feedback. In the first screen shot, I would consider moving the windows away from the side of the door frame. If your taking cover against this wall, do you really want to then be exposed to the window Perhaps move them further apart or lift them higher.
  15. ahh... the memories... This was a great map to work on. Cant wait to see how this remake turns out.
  16. 128 is the min recommended height for any interior room.
  17. Sure looks nice, and I'd love to try the beta. But for me going back to the roots means, dedicated servers. I'm done buying until they do away with the matchmaking on PC.
  18. Grenade lancher and grip I'm try delete but no It came together
  19. mp_villa
  20. ^^ use stock ones I also watched your mod source, thats all broken :'( Wich attachements do you want delete ??
  21. Maybe to some that like that variety but for myself I am more old school. I like the weapons to be stock. I dont mind some of the camo looks but I find that most standout and are easy to see so potentially it makes the user an easier target. As for the "Golden" gun it is completely silly and is nothing more than some sort of trophy for the console kiddie user group.
  22. Failed to create siege 'misc_model' how do i place animated models with the "fxanim" name in them like the p7_fxanim_gp_jellyfish_blue_01_smod for example I get this error that pops up saying, "Failed to create siege 'misc_model'. Could not find compatible sanim." What does this mean?
  23. This isn't the same as the Christmas backlot.... Not even a little bit.. I have Completely redone this map from caulk and used MWR models, textures and my own custom textures. Who knows.. Maybe I can do random iterations of weather effects.. *looks at ZeRoY* :-)
  24. Thanks!
  25. Zombie Chronicles According to December'16 Treyarch information about something new content for Black Ops III Zombies in 2017 there is a rumor about 8 original zombie maps remastered to new CoD generation. Source: https://www.modernwar.pl/polski-sklep-zrodlem-przecieku-zremasterowane-mapy-zombie-trafia-do-black-ops-3
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