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  2. nice my fav weapon in cod ww2 😍
  3. Another new weapon coming to Battalion! ( source ) Introducing a new weapon: The MP 28 If you follow our updates you might have seen that last week we announced that the M3 Grease Gun will be added to the Allied weapon line up. Well, now we are announcing the Axis equivalent that’s coming in our next Major Update #2 scheduled for June 2018! The MP 28 is a 9mm submachine gun that will fit nicely into the new “eco” class we are adding to Wartide 2.0 The Axis eco weapon will be the MP 28, this means it will be useful in situations where your team wants to ‘force buy’. It’s a cheap, low damage submachine gun that doesn’t cost many tokens to purchase but will hopefully give you a spray of 9mm bullets that you could need to get out of a sticky situation or ambush an opponent! When we looked for a weapon to fit the Axis “Eco” role this jumped out at us. It’s an older weapon that isn’t really seen as a classic “WW2 gun” but it is definitely something we can fit into the meta as an inexpensive eco weapon. We think it looks cool, our artists had a good time designing it and we hope you have fun using it for some face to face engagements in Battalion. The MP 28 will be a low damage Submachine gun and it’s class will come equipped with 1 smoke grenade to help you & your team advance on objectives. The additions of these two new weapons will add another layer to our Wartide 2.0 competitive game mode and build upon our first iteration of the game mode. You can read more about the Wartide 2.0 update here: https://steamcommunity.com/games/489940/announcements/detail/2632793340751347452 Disclaimer: We are currently in the process of testing and balancing these Eco weapons so their role and price could change at some point so make sure you stay up to date with this by following our future patch notes and updates our social media accounts. Thanks a lot guys, we are eager to see your reactions to these weapons, how they play and how they fit into the meta so let us know what you think and stay tuned for our next update coming soon!
  4. Well my compadre Nyllow is an old Quake Pro gamer and fastrer than the lightning with Kar98. So Play alone against him then u are dead meat....
  5. Soldat Ryan

    Not a Good day

    Not so bad !
  6. Welcome To Battalion 1944 Club Forum. Feel free to post what ever you think concerns Battalion 1944
  7. http://forums.battaliongame.com  Wartide 2.0

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